Earn a Living In Your New Country as an Artisan

If you paint fine paintings, sculpt, write poetry or novels or compose music, you’ve probably already considered financing your new overseas life by selling your creative products. And the process probably isn’t very different from doing it in your home country. As a side benefit,the move will probably stir your creative juices and give you […]

Cost of Renting in Panama

Panama is one of the countries my husband and I are considering, so I was very interested to see a recent post in Live and Invest Overseas detailing costs of renting in three Panama locations. Panama City, specifically the El Cangrejo neighborhood. It’s necessary to be neighborhood-specific because, as in any other big city, there […]

Live to Photograph? Or Photograph to Live?

Photography falls somewhere squarely in the middle between an art and a craft, but either way it could help you earn your living in your new international location. For most of us, “photography” means grabbing the point-and-shoot and clicking away at kids, pets, grandkids and special events. That’s not what I’m talking about. Frankly, you […]

How Will the New US Health Care Law Affect Expats?

On March 21, the House passed the health care overhaul bill and on March 23, President Obama signed it into law. Nobody really knows how it’s going to impact expats, but preliminary indications are that, unless you earn more than the FEIE (foreign earned income exclusion) annually in US income, it won’t effect you at […]

Expat, Missionary, Saint

March 17 is celebrated throughout the United States and Ireland as St. Patrick’s Day. On St. Paddy’s Day, as it is familiarly known, we wear green, eschew orange and drink gallons of green beer. (Yuck!) We hold parades, dye entire rivers green, and generally behave in a very un-saintly fashion. [ad#Google Adsense-1] St. Patrick: A […]

Rush Limbaugh Threatens to Leave the USA Over Health Care Reform

A couple of days ago, Limbaugh, self-proclaimed leader of the far right, told an on-air caller he will leave the country if health reform passes. Read the article Limbaugh said he would go to Costa Rica. The only problem with that plan? Costa Rica has universal health care. [ad#Google Adsense-1] According to International Living: “Costa […]

Teach English in Asia to Finance Your Life Overseas

So, you’ve decided you want to live in Asia, to travel to exotic locations, eat incredibly spicy food, and generally enjoy life in a culture that’s completely different from what you’ve grown up with. But you have to be able to afford it. Previously, we’ve discussed teaching English as a second language as a way […]

Almost French/I’ll Never Be French

Last week my youngest daughter flew from Orlando, FL to Europe. She’ll be spending about 2-1/2 months in Lille, France to round out her gap year between high school and college. In honor of her French adventure, I decided to review a couple of books by expats in France. Almost French, subtitled Love and a […]