Hard Things Survive

A Review of The Samurai’s Daughter by Sujata Massey Christmas in San Francisco – what an exciting holiday! But not for Japanese-American Rei Shimura, who grew up there. Rei has lived in Japan for several years, the fruition of a lifelong dream. She eked out a living teaching English to business people when she first […]

World’s Most and Least Expensive Cities

Xpatulator.com has just released its annual International Cost of Living Ranking. They listed 282 global locations (some large countries had separate rankings for several major cities), based on costs of specific items in 13 categories. The 13 “baskets” of goods and services are divided into Alcohol & Tobacco, Clothing, Communication, Education, Furniture & Appliances, Grocery, […]

Go Where the Grass is Always Greener

“After 12 ½ years living overseas, we feel like tourists now when we return to these United States.” That’s Kathleen Peddicord speaking, publisher of Live and Invest Overseas and author of the recent book How to Retire Overseas. (You can click here to read a review. “We’re appreciating the history, the shopping, and the museums […]

It’s Not Easy Being… Well, a Dog!

The Complexities of Communication in a Foreign Language Guest Post by Heather Merkel Heather Merkel, CPC is a Culture Transition Specialist who helps Expatriates and their families feel at home anywhere in the world through a core set of strategies designed to help you overcome the social, personal, and professional related issues that arise when […]

US Healthcare Reform Brings Jobs to India

Last month, the US Congress passed health care reform legislations and the President signed it. While it doesn’t appear it will make much of a difference to US citizens living overseas, Global Post reports that outsourcing of jobs to India will increase because of it. The headline on the April 17 article read: “For India, […]

Yucatan, Mexico Prepared to Give US Retirees What They Want

Writing for International Living today, Dan Prescher described a meeting he recently attended with “government officials, local entrepreneurs and international consultants” in Merida, Mexico a few days ago. I thought this was interesting enough that I postponed the post I was planning for today to bring you Dan’s report: [ad#Google Adsense-1] “Mexico’s Yucatan state is […]

It’s Not the Easter Bunny, It’s the Easter Bell!

My youngest daughter is halfway through a 2-1/2 month sojourn in France. This Easter, she was fortunate to spend the weekend with a French family in the village of Soissons. The village is northeast of Paris, about halfway to the Belgian border. The Cathedral Saint-Gervais & Saint-Protais dates from the 12th century, and a municipal […]

The Best Resource You’ll Ever Find for Planning Your Overseas Retirement

A Review of How to Retire Overseas by Kathleen Peddicord I’ve been following Kathleen for a few years now, and she definitely knows what’s what when it comes to living the expat life. She’s been in the business of helping people find new lives in new countries for 23 years, and has moved – with […]