Top Quality of Living Cities for 2010

Every year, Mercer conducts a Quality of Living survey. Results for 2010 were announced a couple of days ago. Vienna, Austria, keeps its #1 spot for another year. Top 10 cities worldwide for quality of living are: Vienna, Austria Zurich, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland Vancouver, Canada Auckland, New Zealand Dusseldorf, Germany Frankfurt, Germany Munich, Germany Bern, […]

It’s Official: US Health Care IS Driving Americans to Move Abroad

Last October I asked the question, “Is US health care driving Americans to move abroad?” You can read the original post here. I followed up the question and post with a poll. When the poll closed, 19% of respondents listed health care as the “most important” reason for their move and a whopping 69% rated […]

Totally Unprepared for the French

Guest Post by Catherine Perkins When I left the United States in February for a two month stay in France, I was very prepared. I had a bag loaded with French language resources (a dictionary, a phrase book, a traveler’s guide), and some new cold-weather clothing. Living in Florida my entire life, I’d never had […]

The Sin of the Blogger

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve committed the unforgiveable blogging sin: I haven’t kept up with my posting schedule. Normally I put up a new article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But the past couple of weeks, I’ve only done two, and not on schedule. My bad. I’ve gotten distracted by another project. Shame on me. […]

Is France Affordable?

Recently, the Live and Invest Overseas e-letter has been talking about France in the run-up to their upcoming conference about living and investing there. France is not one of the countries we’ve been considering as a retirement destination because of the expense. But with headlines like, “Your Second Home In France (Could Cost As Little […]