Free Tools for Virtual Productivity

Last week I mentioned that my youngest daughter would be heading off to college soon, leaving us with an empty nest. She and I have embarked on a journey from our home in the Orlando, FL area to her college in the Northeast. Along the way, we’re stopping to do research for some articles I’m […]

Plant Your Own Flags

The following was written by Kathleen Peddicord in her Overseas Opportunity newsletter. I’m a big fan of Kathleen’s, and am happy to share with you her Top 10 lists, as well as the reasoning behind them. And, in certain cases, why you might be better off doing something completely different. Kathleen writes: I’ve been inundated […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A review of the book by Paul Allen Paul Allen is a British expat journalist living in Spain. I was fascinated by his book, The Truth About Moving Abroad and Whether It’s Right for You: Should I Stay or Should I Go? because it’s the first I’ve read about expatriation from a non-US-centric perspective. Allen […]

Who’s Your Cheerleader Now?

When making big, life-changing moves, we all need people supporting our decisions, cheering us on, telling us we’re okay. Big, life-changing moves are scary, after all, even when based on logic. As children, most of us had people encourage us to take another step even after we fell down, to get back on the bicycle […]

Are You Running Toward. . . or Running Away?

Recently it seems as though I’ve been stumbling across all sorts of reasons to expatriate — or not — from all sorts of different sources. All the reasons, though, fall into one of two categories: running away from something running toward something In general, the coaches I’ve been in touch with agree that your move […]