How Thanksgiving Reminded Me to be Thankful

A lot of blogs featured “things I feel thankful for” types of posts just before Thanksgiving, which was yesterday here in the US. I didn’t join them because, frankly, I haven’t been feeling I had much to be thankful for recently. However, spending Thanksgiving Day with my husband’s family, and a long phone conversation in […]

Imagine Yourself with a Different Life

Recently I wrote about chipping away at your stuff to free yourself for your untethered expat life. This presumes you’re like most other readers of this website, and you’re choosing your own expat destination, not being sent on an overseas assignment by a company. Just as you need to inventory and make decisions about material […]

To Untether, First Take Inventory

The story goes that Michelangelo created his beautiful statues by visualizing what was trapped inside the marble and chipping away everything that wasn’t the statue. Before you can untether yourself as an expat you have to undergo a similar transformation. You need to chip away everything that won’t work with your new life so you […]

The Untethered Life

Untether Yourself is the title of the free e-book I recently released. (If you missed its release, you can grab your copy here.) But what does the untethered expat life mean? Is it: the freedom to travel constantly, flitting from place to place and exploring all the world has to offer? the opportunity to live […]

An Antidote to Doom and Gloom

Occasionally I reprint articles here that appeared on other expat websites. This one struck a chord with me, and I hope it will with you too. Thanks to Live and Invest Overseas, where you can read the original in its entirety. “Vicki and I recently returned to Argentina after a six-month absence,” writes Intrepid Correspondent […]