Can You Build a Solid House from this Blueprint?

Recently I purchased a publication that promised to be roadmap for expats, something that would quickly take us, step by step, through our journey from our native homes to our lives abroad. Instead of the AAA Triptik I was expecting, however, I got an envelope full of “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” from Mrs. […]

Expat Conferences: Valuable Tools or Expensive Hype?

My husband and I are planning an exploratory trip to Panama in the spring. Coincidentally, one of the big names in the publishing-for-expats business is holding a conference in Panama City at the same time. I’m seriously considering attending. If I go, I’ll not only be listening and taking notes for myself but for all […]

Panama Bridge Kit: A Feast of Information

As some of you know, Panama is currently at the top of my list for possible expat destinations. (In fact, my husband and I are setting dates right now for a visit in the spring to explore.) In preparation, I’ve been looking over reams of information about the country. One of the packages I reviewed […]

How to Start Your Expat Blog

This is the second tutorial in the Blogging for Expats series. You can review the first one here. In the first tutorial in this series, you learned how to choose a domain name and a hosting company. Today, we’ll review the process of purchasing the domain name and signing up for your web hosting service. […]

Quality of Life Index for 2011: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Wow! The January, 2011 International Living just arrived in my mailbox and I am speechless. . . stunned. They’ve named the 2011 Top Quality of Life countries and they’ve put the USA at the top of the list. Since I saw the article, I’ve been thinking and doing more reading, because my level of “stunned” […]