At What Time Washes the Door?

In my recent scouting trip to Panama, my Spanish language skills were tested to the max. Now, I’ll be the first to admit it’s not a high hurdle. I figure my Spanish is at about the level of a bright two-year old’s. All my verbs are present tense and my vocabulary is severely limited. Think, […]

“I’ll Take ‘Panama’ for $1,000, Alex. . .”

Earlier today, a reader asked me “So, how was your scouting trip to Panama? Could you see yourself living there?” Our recent trip to Panama was supposed to answer two questions for us: Can we see ourselves living in Panama? If yes, do we prefer the David or Las Tablas areas? I think we’ve been […]

Let Someone Else Pay for Your Explorations

I’ve just returned home from my first scouting trip to Panama. My husband and I spent a week traveling the country, from Panama City to David to Las Tablas, to answer these two questions: Can we see ourselves living in Panama? If yes, do we prefer the David or Las Tablas areas? This was a […]

“That’s Unpatriotic — Moving to Panama”

My MIL (mother-in-law) has struck again. Last month I told you about my attempts to get my in-laws — my well educated, well traveled in-laws — to discuss our plan to move abroad. It’s become the elephant in the room. I told you that I’d decided to write a letter describing the dreaded elephant from […]

Turn Your Blog Into a Reader Magnet

One way to support your expat, overseas lifestyle is by creating a blog-based business. To help with that, I’ve created a tutorial series on the basics of starting and running a WordPress blog. The series is called Blogging For Expats, and this is the 5th installment in the series. Click the links below to review […]

Why You Should NEVER Attend an Expat Conference

Recently I paid some serious money to sit in a room for three days in a foreign city. Over the course of the three days, I: listened to more than 36 speakers on as many subjects attended two cocktail parties met dozens of people from all over the US and Canada, as well as Cyprus […]

Eco-Tourism, Charity and Shopping in Panama

Here in Las Tablas, Panama, a pleasant breeze blows through town during most of the day. We saw some rain yesterday morning for a few hours, but the afternoon was sunny with bright blue skies. The sun is hot, but overall we’re finding the temperatures here much more tolerable than David. Before I get into […]

Panama Expat Conference: Hot Air or Helpful?

I’m writing this from my hotel room in the Four Points Hotel in Panama City, Panama where I’m attending the Live & Invest in Panama conference. A couple of months ago I asked whether expat conferences are valuable tools or expensive hype, and by the time we finish our meetings tomorrow night I’ll be able […]