Finally! A Real Roadmap for Moving Overseas

I’ve found it! Earlier this year, I wrote about my disappointment in a product that promised to be a roadmap for expats. Instead, it was a bunch of fluff — mostly recycled fluff, at that. I haven’t given up the search, though, because we future expats need something that will take us, step by step, […]

Blogging for Expats: Choose Your Plugins Wisely

One way to support your expat, overseas lifestyle is by creating a blog-based business. This is the 6th installment in the series of Blogging for Expats tuturials. In our last installment we talked about themes for your blog. Today we’ll continue with our WordPress / home construction analogy. If WordPress is the foundation and framing, […]

Find Solutions for Expat Issues, Win Prizes

A new book for expat women has just been released, and if you buy it now — during May, 2011 — you can win some fabulous prizes! Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re not a “traditional” expat, meaning someone who moves abroad because their employer (or spouse’s employer) sends them on assignment overseas. […]

How to Balance Adventure and Risk

Twenty-two years ago, my husband and I sold our house in upstate New York, packed up our furniture and our four kids and moved to Florida. Without jobs. Our children ranged in age from seven years to 12. In school, the youngest was finishing first grade, the oldest was in seventh. We were pulling them […]

Higher Standard of Living. . .Same Budget

Interest in living overseas is exploding. How do I know this? Not from any government study. . . In the past few days, Live and Invest Overseas has announced their new conference schedule for the upcoming year, and to say it’s jam-packed is an understatement. After promoting the spring conference as their only Panama event […]

Better Health Care Abroad — For Less

What do Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Thailand, Panama, Singapore and Hungary have in common? They’re all medical hotspots for Americans seeking procedures they can’t afford in the US, according to travel website Boots ‘n All. International Living adds Mexico, South Korea and Turkey to the list. If you’re considering living in a country known for […]

Hackers and Viruses and Infections — Oh, My!

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” intoned Oz, the Great and Powerful after Toto disclosed his hiding place. That’s what website hackers want you to do, too — pay no attention. If you’re blogging as a way to support your overseas business and lifestyle — in fact, if you’re doing anything online […]

Don’t Wait 31 Days

Early in my blogging career, I joined ProBlogger Darren Rowse and thousands of other bloggers and wannabes. “Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog,” Darren promised. Actually, he didn’t just promise a better blog, but a dramatically better one! For 31 days I read his information and instructions, did the assigned […]