Change = Risk + Ambiguity

Any big change involves some risk — but not changing is risky, too! Just ask the company that used to make vinyl records, or the transportation firm that thought those new-fangled horseless carriages were just a fad. Some people have a high risk tolerance. Would you be comfortable packing a few changes of clothes into […]

More Fun with WordPress Plugins

In our last installment of Blogging for Expats, we looked at plugins. Plugins can decorate your blog, and provide additional functionality beyond what your theme offers. Remember, though, just as you should never download free themes from anywhere except, you should never get free plugins from any other source either. I’m going to talk […]

Pacing Your Portable Expat Career

You expect that you’ll need time to readjust and develop new routines when you make a big move. Did you know the same thing happens when you make tiny changes as well? Recently I moved my home office from one room in my house to another. Since then, my productivity has dropped — a lot. […]

7 Planning Steps Bridget Jones Can Teach Future Expats

“Earth to Bridget Sodding Jones!” yells Bridget’s boss. As the sequel to Bridget Jones’s Diary opens, lucky Bridget has been chosen to try skydiving — on camera — to see if it’s great fun or a terrifying risk. After being forced out of the plane, forgetting to pull the ripcord (prompting the above exclamation from […]

36 Best Cities for Quality of Life or Business

Some cities offer a better quality of life than others, and some are better for business. Here are 36 best cities for business and quality of life.