So You Want to be a Travel Writer or Photographer?

Somehow travel writing, photography and the untethered expat life just seem to naturally flow together. What career tools are more portable, after all, than a laptop and a camera? If you can write or photograph, you have the means to support your overseas life. If you can do both, you can carve out a big […]

Can You Afford to Give Your Bank 30% Of Your Savings?

Last year, Congress passed a law which was supposed to get Americans back to work. Buried in it, however, are provisions for restricting the free flow of funds from US bank accounts to offshore accounts. The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act will require foreign financial institutions to report annually on accounts held by […]

Turn Your Blog Into a Cha-Ching Machine Part II

If you want to build a portable career that will give you an income overseas, basing a business on a blog can pay off handsomely. A few days ago I told you that this site is generating some income for me through affiliate links. Eventually we’ll get into an in-depth discussion about affiliate links as […]

Turn Your Blog Into a Cha-Ching Machine

In the past two months, my earnings from affiliate links on this website have increased dramatically. I tell you this, not to brag, but to reinforce what I’ve been saying for a long time — that building a business on a blog is a good strategy if you want to develop a portable-career income to […]

Money Matters — and Why Cash Matters Even More Overseas

Guest Post by Brian Brookshire One of the things we often don’t think about when moving abroad is how we’re going to access our money once we actually get there. I learned the hard way that it can be a huge disaster if you don’t plan beforehand. In my mid-20s I moved to Korea. I’d […]

From Africa to Central America: 12 Expat Blogs Worth Watching

It’s been a while since I shared some of the expat-related blogs and websites I’ve been reading. Time for another roundup of interesting blogs by and about expats! Here are an even dozen for your enjoyment. Africa Africa Expat Wives, a UK citizen moves to Africa two days after her marriage, and raises a family […]