Jane Needs a Portable Career

Jane wrote to me recently because she wants to move abroad, she’s interested in creating a portable career, but she doesn’t know where to begin. Jane writes: “I need something that does not require a long learning curve or establishing-oneself curve. There are, of course, other people on the Net who want to sell me […]

Blogging and Travel — Making Them Both Work

Sooner or later, if you decide to blog for some or all of your expat income, you’ll have to maintain and update your blog while you’re traveling. It can be done, but it requires a much higher level of organization and planning than you might be used to. Do It Ahead Do everything you possibly […]

Best Countries for Quality of Life in 2011

An organization called Nation Ranking recently released its 2011 Quality of Life Index. One hundred thirty-seven countries were ranked according to: “a nation’s livability for its average inhabitant. It is a composite of six sub-indexes, each describing one of the elements which objectively influence the quality of life: health, education, wealth, democracy, peace and environment.” […]

Blogging for Expats: WordPress Settings to Know and Love

In this installment of Blogging for Expats, the tutorial series to help you develop a portable income from a blog, let’s go back to WordPress itself and finish setting it up. You’ve already accomplished a lot in getting your blog started. You have Found and set up a webhost Reserved your domain name Installed WordPress […]

10 “Bests” for Expats

Everybody loves lists, and expats (and future expats) are no exception. Here I’ve pulled together a list of ten “best of ____” for expats. Some of them are silly and some are serious. Enjoy! Best Expat Banks, a list of banks that do well by expats, based on home-country currency Best Expat Jobs in France […]