Living Abroad — Does it Make Financial Sense?

“Why do you feel moving outside the US is the only option you have?” an online acquaintance inquired recently. The answer to that question feels so painfully obvious to me that I had to really stop and think about it. If you’ve been thinking about living abroad and you’re not sure whether it makes sense […]

He Writes about Everything, Everywhere — and So Can You!

Recently I promised to find out more about how travel writers balance their lives between work and travel. To that end, I spoke with Gary Arndt. Gary is a travel blogger, which is a slightly different — but equally portable — career. Gary explained the difference between being a travel writer and a travel blogger: […]

Best Places to Find Expat Life Information, Ideas and Tips

Blogs by and about expats are a great place to find information, ideas, tips, and get a general feel for what it might be like to live elsewhere. Here are a dozen interesting expat blogs I’ve found recently. Europe Expat in Germany provides information about living in Germany (and a little bit about Canada). The […]

Buy One Mobile Phone for Home and Overseas

Technology for Expats Advances in technology have made it much easier for expats to stay in touch with friends and family back home, and even to work remotely from their new locations. There’ve been lots of changes since I last wrote about technology for expats. While they may make your expat life easier or more […]

Netbook vs. Tablet — the Best Portable Computer for Working on the Go

Technology for Anywhereists When I went to Panama last spring, I debated long and hard about what type of computer to carry with me. Did I want my industrial-strength laptop, weighing in at over 10 pounds? Not so much. So I started investigating smaller, lighter alternatives. The two main contenders, based on portability and cost, […]

How to Add Content to your WordPress Blog

Congratulations! Your blog is ready to accept content. If you know how to use MS Word or another word processor, adding articles to your blog will be a snap. There are four ways to add articles, or posts, to your blog: Use WordPress’ internal editor Write your post using Word or another word processing program […]

Top 10 Spots to Retire Overseas in 2011

Every year International Living publishes its list of the top ten retirement havens. They’ve just sent out their September issue, and it includes their take on the best spots in the world to retire. I’ve been known to take issue with their findings in the past (for example, in their 2011 Quality of Life list). […]

7 Ways Hurricane Irene Taught Me Not To Lose My Head as an Expat

Last week Hurricane Irene roared onto the Outer Banks of North Carolina and made its way up the East Coast of the US. To my surprise, I found myself in the midst of massive evacuation. I was just trying to get from Massachusetts to Florida after delivering my daughter to college, but I got caught […]