Interview with a Travel Writer

Imagine being paid to travel and experience the best the world has to offer. As a travel writer, that’s exactly what you do. It’s a top portable career pick for many expats, because when you’re writing about the world it doesn’t matter where you call home. Lucy Culpepper has been a travel writer for over […]

Enjoy a Movable Retirement in Asia

It’s affordable, safe, exciting, exotic, and has terrific health care. Last week I shared with you the top 20 picks for overseas retirement on a budget, according to Live and Invest Overseas. Six of the countries are located in southeast Asia, which is the cheapest region of the world right now. These countries are: China […]

Dress Up Your Blog with Pictures

In our last installment of Blogging for Expats, we learned how to add content to a WordPress blog. Today we’ll go ahead and add some eye candy. Keep in mind that some WordPress themes require you to handle images a little differently, but this will work with the majority. It’s very common to see two […]

Your Top 20 Country Choices for Overseas Retirement

And the winners are. . . drumroll please. . . Yesterday evening the Live and invest Overseas Conference ended after a densely scheduled three-day smorgasbord of information for expats and plan-to-be expats. (I’ve decided that’s a better phrase than “wannabe.”) Last month I speculated about the 20 countries they’d recommend, and I’m happy to report […]

Shock Announcement About the Easiest Place to Retire

While you’re reading this, I’ll be at the Live and Invest Overseas Conference in Orlando, FL. It’s an intensive, three-day get together where we’ll talk about the 20 best countries to retire to, along with sessions on the practical issues of relocating to and living in a new country. I’ve been invited to speak about […]

Hot Markets for Teaching English Abroad

Although not as portable in the short-term as some of the other portable expat professions, teaching English is a terrific way to see the world, experience other cultures, and earn a living. Before you plunk down your money for training and certification, though, it’s a good idea to know where in the world you’d like […]

The Biggest Piece of the Expat Puzzle

The largest piece of the expat puzzle is usually cost of living. How will your expenses compare in your new location to what they are now? Of course, everyone’s different. John might not be able to live without imported caviar while Sally eats what the local people do, for example. But you have to start […]

How Safe is Mexico for Expats?

Recently International Living put Mexico in the #2 spot on their Best Retirement Havens list. That raised a lot of questions among future expats — what about safety? All we’re reading about (here in the US anyway) is how dangerous Mexico is and its problems with drug-related violence. Last week, a friend of a friend […]