The Wary Expat: Or, How to Avoid some Expat Newbie Pitfalls

Guest Post by Richard Bee I am proud to be an Australian, but even more defining — I’m what you might call a professional expat. I have essentially been away from home and on the road since 1958 when my father, an airline pilot, accepted a posting to a foreign land. So off we went, […]

How to Know What Premium WordPress Theme is Right for your Site

This is the 11th in our Blogging for Expats tutorial series. So you’ve got an idea for your blog, you’ve worked your way through the basics of setting it up, maybe you’ve even posted a few articles. But your site still doesn’t look as professional as you’d like. What to do. . . what to […]

Flying Overseas with your Dogs or Cats

With our anticipated overseas move date less than 90 days away, we’re getting down to the wire on some of our planning. One of the big issues we have to muddle through is flying with our three dogs from here to there. We’ve been poring over airline and embassy websites, and asking lots of questions […]