Five Social Media Platforms Every Expat Blogger Should Use

You’ve set up your blog, you’ve found a terrific theme, you’re producing content. . . now what? How do you attract the right target audience? Create a social media strategy. Which specific social media platforms you use will depend on your niche and your audience. Basic rule of thumb? You need to hang out where […]

Six Ways to Learn a New Language

So you’re planning on living overseas — do you really need to learn the language of your adopted country? I have a simple, two-word answer for you: it depends. Don’t learn the language: If you plan to live, work and play among other expats If you’re not interested in immersing yourself in the local culture […]

Best Quality of Life Cities and Countries in 2011

When you’re considering moving to another country, one of the big things you think about (at least I do) is the quality of life you’ll be leaving and what you’ll find in your new home. As 2011 has drawn to a close, let’s take a quick look back at the year’s top picks in various […]