In Search of the Elusive Rental Casa in Las Tablas, Panama

When you’re in a part of the world that doesn’t have an organized real estate or rental market, finding a place to live is hard. You can’t just waltz into an agency and say, “I’m looking for a two-bedroom house to rent in a nice neighborhood with a fenced yard for my dogs.” I’m here […]

Where’s the Best Quality of Life in 2012?

Numbeo has just released its annual Quality of Life information for 2012. Factors that comprise overall “quality of life” rankings include purchasing power (including rent), ratio of house prices to incomes, safety, health, pollution, traffic and consumer price index. On a country-by-country basis, here’s the Top Ten lineup. The number in parenthesis represents the quality […]

Advice for Expats from the Online Taxman

Guest Post by Vincenzo Villamena There are many rewards, as well as challenges, for Americans who choose to live outside of the U.S. Amongst all the cultural and language barriers, there is still one fact that remains regardless of where you are living in the world –- you need to file your U.S. tax returns! […]