How to Choose Your Retire Overseas Paradise

Every plan-to-be expat has a different idea about their overseas retirement paradise. For you, it might be a high-rise condo in a bustling metropolis with world-class shopping and nightlife. For someone else it might be a country ranch, or a beachside retreat. Finding the country to live in that will tick most of your boxes […]

World Class Surf and Mountain Scenery on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula [video]

Last week we took a road trip south from Las Tablas, down through Pedasi and past Playa Venao, along the eastern coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula. I love the mountains, and I also like the ocean. The Azuero gives me both. No matter where you are on the peninsula, you’re within sight of one or […]

Is Life Coaching Still a Good Portable Career for Expats?

Life coaching is an extremely portable career. Most coaching is done by phone or online, so as long as you live where you have reliable telephone and/or internet connections, you can do business. As with many other solo-preneur type businesses, coaches find they do better when they focus on a small, specific area. As an […]

How to Choose the Best Country for Your Overseas Adventure, Part II

Last week I wrote an installment about how to choose the best country for your overseas adventure. It’s a complicated process because there are so many factors that come into play. I suggested you begin with some soul searching and serious conversation with your significant other if you have one. I listed a bunch of […]

How To Choose the Best Country for your Overseas Retirement

Once you’re bitten by the expat, overseas bug, how do you go about choosing your best country for overseas retirement? At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s a vital part of your relocation process. In fact, it’s so obvious I needed to be reminded of it! A few days ago I received this email […]

Portable Careers: How to Get Paid Overseas

You’ve started a profitable portable career. You have clients or projects (or you know how to get them). Congratulations, you can work from almost anywhere in the world. You just need your laptop, camera and an internet connection, and you’re in business. Now, how do you get paid? The best portable career in the world […]

A Day at the Beach — Playa Uverito, Panama [video]

When we decided to move to Panama, we liked the idea of being close to both beaches and mountains. Last Saturday we spent the afternoon at Playa Uverito. That’s the beach most folks from Las Tablas use on a regular basis. Only about six miles out of town over a brand-new, top-notch road, it’s easy […]