Five Habits Of Successful Expatriates

Guest Post by Claudia Gonelle Ever wondered why some expatriates manage to build a successful life overseas; one that is inspiring, abundant and positive? I have. If the past decade of living and working in Central America, I’ve met dozens of highly successful expatriates. Some have used the opportunity of living overseas to become experts […]

How to Watch Your Favorite US TV Shows from Anywhere in the World

It’s not a VPN (virtual private network), but it lets you watch US TV shows on your computer, TV, tablet, phone or game device. It’s perfect for expats and travelers who want to keep up with favorite shows, sports and other entertainment from “home.” It’s called UnoTelly. After I wrote about VPNs a while back, […]

Don’t Turn Your Social Media into an Epic Fail

If you’re creating a portable career to support your overseas lifestyle, you’ll probably be involved in social media. And if you’re doing social media, you need to learn to do it effectively. Like any other part of managing a business (and that’s what your portable career really is), you need a plan. Recently I had […]

Five Ways to Protect Yourself in an International Move

Guest Post by Adam Vagley All movers are not created equally. The scams that plague domestic moving — damaged property, price gouging, delayed delivery — occur with international moves as well, where the stakes are much higher. While most moving companies provide consistently good service, the internet is littered with horror stories of people whose […]

Pinfluence: Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

If you’ve established a portable career as a writer, photographer, blogger or life coach, your marketing centers (or should center!) around a website that you own. Your website displays your skills, tells prospective clients or customers something about you, and gives them a way to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, the days of “build […]