Playa Uverito, Las Tablas, PanamaWhen we decided to move to Panama, we liked the idea of being close to both beaches and mountains.

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon at Playa Uverito. That’s the beach most folks from Las Tablas use on a regular basis.

Only about six miles out of town over a brand-new, top-notch road, it’s easy to get to.

Like other Panama beaches (at least the ones I’ve seen), the sand is dark. Not black sand, but definitely not white either.

Plenty of houses line the beach as well as a half dozen restaurants and bars.

As you drive in from the main access road, there’s a parking lot with a row of covered cabanas in front of a gently curving bay. To the left, as you face the ocean, are the businesses.

With a big rocky area in the middle, the beach naturally divides itself into two areas. The section of beach past the businesses and the rocks is barely used. Both times I’ve been there — on a Saturday — we’ve had this entire stretch of beach to ourselves.

On our most recent visit, we could see a family of children clambering about on the rocks in the distance. Late in the afternoon three men drove onto the beach towing a boat. They launched it and put-putted off to do some fishing.

At Uverito, there’s enough wave action to be interesting without being overwhelming. This is not a world-class surfing destination, but instead is a very pleasant beach for swimming, paddling and sunning. The first time I was there the water was beautifully cool and refreshing. This time it was quite warm, a bit like bath water.

When we started to get hungry, we walked back to the restaurants. English friends had recommended one where they serve terrific fish and chips, and we wanted to try it out. There was just one problem — I wasn’t sure which one it was, and they had only referred to it by the owner’s name, Pedro, not the restaurant name.

When we arrived at what I thought might be the right place, I asked for Pedro. Si, si, the server smiled. Esta aqui. So we met Pedro at the el Capitan restaurant, he told us what to order and then went to the kitchen to cook it for us.

Our friends were right, it was top notch. The corvina was moist and succulent and nicely flavored with spices, the fries were crisp and hot and the drinks were cold.

From where we sat we could see the section of beach closest to the parking lot. Gradually as we ate, we watched more and more people arrive. A bus disgorged a couple of dozen running, jumping children on some sort of outing. A young couple strolled by, posing for pictures for each other.

At some point we heard live music coming from the restaurant across the street.

When we left at the end of our day, people were still arriving to stroll on the beach and listen to the live band. It was lots busier in the evening than it was during the day — which is fine with me!

Notice how many people show up in the first half of the video! There was one more person there — my husband, who stood behind me the whole time so as not to show up on screen.

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  1. Aaaah, the famous corvina. I have a friend who swears I’ll never look at fish in the states the same way once I have fresh corvina by the beach in Panama.

    Can’t wait to try it 🙂


  2. I think you have done a good job of describing the weekend activity at Uverito Beach. During the week, the beach is empty, so you can enjoy it by yourself. Several of the restaurants serve good cheap food (the most popular probably being Donde Chinto).

  3. Can anybody tell me about Miranda Suites. It supposed to be about 1 block off the beach. Is it under construction or completed? Any info would be appreciated.

    1. Ken, as far as I know he hasn’t even broken ground for it. As with any real estate investment, the best advice I know is “buy what you see.” Probably not what you were wanting to hear. . .

      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The area looks very interesting. I just starting researching. Could maybe direct me to other condos that are going up or completed. We are also looking at small single homes that are in a developements.

        Thanks again,

        1. Ken, this is Las Tablas. I know of no condos. As to subdivisions, yes, we’ve got those but not at the beach. Perhaps if you’re looking for beachside condos you should be looking in either Pedasi or closer to Chitre/Rompio Beach area. If you’d like to continue this conversation, send me an email (form is at

  4. How’s the fishing? I spoke to one person and he said all they do is troll with lures…. no fresh bait or opportunity to cast along an island or rocky shore? also looking for a fishing guide – suggestions?

    1. I’m not a good person to ask about fishing, unfortunately. There are lots of local fishermen who go out in boats from Port Mensabe (right next to Playa Uverito) and lots of other spots along the coast. And the Pedasi Sports Club in Pedasi does deep-sea fishing tours. They might be able to answer your questions.

  5. Hello everyone!!! My husband and I are coming to the area in April (21-25 then traveling to Las Lajas Chiquiri and onward to Puerto Armuelles until the 30th) to look at beachfront vacation property. We hope to find modest & quaint probably more traditional style (in other words we don’t expect or even prefer ultra modern American style) that has our own direct access to the beach. In the farther future we will be moving for several months at a time or permanently but for now we will use it for our own holidays and maybe rent it out. I would love your feedback on any property you know of for sale so we can reach out to in advance to arrange to see them when we come. We would also welcome any info and tidbits of advice:) thanks in advance

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