Your Top 20 Country Choices for Overseas Retirement

And the winners are. . . drumroll please. . . Yesterday evening the Live and invest Overseas Conference ended after a densely scheduled three-day smorgasbord of information for expats and plan-to-be expats. (I’ve decided that’s a better phrase than “wannabe.”) Last month I speculated about the 20 countries they’d recommend, and I’m happy to report […]

Best Places to Find Expat Life Information, Ideas and Tips

Blogs by and about expats are a great place to find information, ideas, tips, and get a general feel for what it might be like to live elsewhere. Here are a dozen interesting expat blogs I’ve found recently. Europe Expat in Germany provides information about living in Germany (and a little bit about Canada). The […]

Top 10 Spots to Retire Overseas in 2011

Every year International Living publishes its list of the top ten retirement havens. They’ve just sent out their September issue, and it includes their take on the best spots in the world to retire. I’ve been known to take issue with their findings in the past (for example, in their 2011 Quality of Life list). […]

Best Countries for Quality of Life in 2011

An organization called Nation Ranking recently released its 2011 Quality of Life Index. One hundred thirty-seven countries were ranked according to: “a nation’s livability for its average inhabitant. It is a composite of six sub-indexes, each describing one of the elements which objectively influence the quality of life: health, education, wealth, democracy, peace and environment.” […]

From Africa to Central America: 12 Expat Blogs Worth Watching

It’s been a while since I shared some of the expat-related blogs and websites I’ve been reading. Time for another roundup of interesting blogs by and about expats! Here are an even dozen for your enjoyment. Africa Africa Expat Wives, a UK citizen moves to Africa two days after her marriage, and raises a family […]

Higher Standard of Living. . .Same Budget

Interest in living overseas is exploding. How do I know this? Not from any government study. . . In the past few days, Live and Invest Overseas has announced their new conference schedule for the upcoming year, and to say it’s jam-packed is an understatement. After promoting the spring conference as their only Panama event […]

“I’ll Take ‘Panama’ for $1,000, Alex. . .”

Earlier today, a reader asked me “So, how was your scouting trip to Panama? Could you see yourself living there?” Our recent trip to Panama was supposed to answer two questions for us: Can we see ourselves living in Panama? If yes, do we prefer the David or Las Tablas areas? I think we’ve been […]

“That’s Unpatriotic — Moving to Panama”

My MIL (mother-in-law) has struck again. Last month I told you about my attempts to get my in-laws — my well educated, well traveled in-laws — to discuss our plan to move abroad. It’s become the elephant in the room. I told you that I’d decided to write a letter describing the dreaded elephant from […]

Why You Should NEVER Attend an Expat Conference

Recently I paid some serious money to sit in a room for three days in a foreign city. Over the course of the three days, I: listened to more than 36 speakers on as many subjects attended two cocktail parties met dozens of people from all over the US and Canada, as well as Cyprus […]

Eco-Tourism, Charity and Shopping in Panama

Here in Las Tablas, Panama, a pleasant breeze blows through town during most of the day. We saw some rain yesterday morning for a few hours, but the afternoon was sunny with bright blue skies. The sun is hot, but overall we’re finding the temperatures here much more tolerable than David. Before I get into […]