US Expats — Let’s Talk Taxes

As the deadline for filing US tax returns approaches, we have a guest post from CPA Diane Siriani. Who Needs to File As a US citizen living abroad, you must file a tax return reporting your worldwide income. So whether you live full time offshore, work anywhere in the world, collect interest/dividends/capital gains, receive retirement […]

Advice for Expats from the Online Taxman

Guest Post by Vincenzo Villamena There are many rewards, as well as challenges, for Americans who choose to live outside of the U.S. Amongst all the cultural and language barriers, there is still one fact that remains regardless of where you are living in the world –- you need to file your U.S. tax returns! […]

Expats, Prepare and Beware the Tax Man

Dear Future Expats, This is not the column I had planned for today. However, when I got this letter in my mailbox yesterday, I knew I had to share it with you ASAP. It’s from Leif Simon of Live & Invest Overseas. I’ll have a few further comments at the end. . . “The IRS […]

Living Abroad — Does it Make Financial Sense?

“Why do you feel moving outside the US is the only option you have?” an online acquaintance inquired recently. The answer to that question feels so painfully obvious to me that I had to really stop and think about it. If you’ve been thinking about living abroad and you’re not sure whether it makes sense […]