Three Ways to Learn Your New Country’s Language Before You Arrive

Now that I’ve been here in Panama for a few months, I really wish I’d put more into learning Spanish before I arrived. Oh, I worked on it, don’t get me wrong. I took three semesters of conversational Spanish at my local community college, and I continued on my own using a couple of different […]

Get Your Mail Overseas, Avoid Panic Attacks

“OMG!” my husband exclaimed. “Does this mean I’m going to be arrested when I step off the plane in October?” Last week we made one of our occasional forays into Chitre to retrieve our mail. Every couple of weeks I call the US to verbally go through the stack of mail that’s arrived for us. […]

VPN4All: A Virtual Private Network that’s Truly Private

Oh, no, not another review of a VPN (virtual private network) I hear you groan. Well, um, yes. It seems there’s a lot of interest in this topic, and every time I write about it I hear more recommendations. Sometimes a company will contact me and say, “hey, why don’t you take a look at […]

How to Live Like a Local While Visiting

You’ve read everything you could get your hands on about the country you’d like to move to, you’ve checked into their cost of living, investigated what you have to do to become a resident, maybe even taken some language classes. Before you move there, though, you need to visit, preferably for an extended period of […]

Five Habits Of Successful Expatriates

Guest Post by Claudia Gonelle Ever wondered why some expatriates manage to build a successful life overseas; one that is inspiring, abundant and positive? I have. If the past decade of living and working in Central America, I’ve met dozens of highly successful expatriates. Some have used the opportunity of living overseas to become experts […]

How to Watch Your Favorite US TV Shows from Anywhere in the World

It’s not a VPN (virtual private network), but it lets you watch US TV shows on your computer, TV, tablet, phone or game device. It’s perfect for expats and travelers who want to keep up with favorite shows, sports and other entertainment from “home.” It’s called UnoTelly. After I wrote about VPNs a while back, […]

Five Ways to Protect Yourself in an International Move

Guest Post by Adam Vagley All movers are not created equally. The scams that plague domestic moving — damaged property, price gouging, delayed delivery — occur with international moves as well, where the stakes are much higher. While most moving companies provide consistently good service, the internet is littered with horror stories of people whose […]

How to Choose Your Retire Overseas Paradise

Every plan-to-be expat has a different idea about their overseas retirement paradise. For you, it might be a high-rise condo in a bustling metropolis with world-class shopping and nightlife. For someone else it might be a country ranch, or a beachside retreat. Finding the country to live in that will tick most of your boxes […]

How to Choose the Best Country for Your Overseas Adventure, Part II

Last week I wrote an installment about how to choose the best country for your overseas adventure. It’s a complicated process because there are so many factors that come into play. I suggested you begin with some soul searching and serious conversation with your significant other if you have one. I listed a bunch of […]