Dancing In the Fountain: An Expat Book Review

Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Life Abroad recounts the adventures of an American couple who moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Seville, Spain. Of all the expat books I’ve read, I have to say this is one of the best, rivaling only Peter Mayle’s tour de force, A Year in Provence. This was my […]

How to Live Like a Local While Visiting

You’ve read everything you could get your hands on about the country you’d like to move to, you’ve checked into their cost of living, investigated what you have to do to become a resident, maybe even taken some language classes. Before you move there, though, you need to visit, preferably for an extended period of […]

How to Choose Your Retire Overseas Paradise

Every plan-to-be expat has a different idea about their overseas retirement paradise. For you, it might be a high-rise condo in a bustling metropolis with world-class shopping and nightlife. For someone else it might be a country ranch, or a beachside retreat. Finding the country to live in that will tick most of your boxes […]

How to Choose the Best Country for Your Overseas Adventure, Part II

Last week I wrote an installment about how to choose the best country for your overseas adventure. It’s a complicated process because there are so many factors that come into play. I suggested you begin with some soul searching and serious conversation with your significant other if you have one. I listed a bunch of […]

How To Choose the Best Country for your Overseas Retirement

Once you’re bitten by the expat, overseas bug, how do you go about choosing your best country for overseas retirement? At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s a vital part of your relocation process. In fact, it’s so obvious I needed to be reminded of it! A few days ago I received this email […]

More Expat Info from the Interwebs

It’s time for another list of helpful web sites, blogs and resources for expats and travelers. Here are 11 for your edification and enjoyment. Expat Sites AngloInfo Panama. AngloInfo has been providing English-language information for expats in a variety of locations. The Panama site has just launched. It’s a good all-around resource, very focused on […]

How to Choose the Perfect Country for Your Expat Retirement — without Spending a Fortune

Nobody can completely take away the challenges of an overseas move. No matter how carefully you plan and prepare, life will invariably throw you some curves and you’ll have to cope with the unexpected, unanticipated, or just plain frustrations that are part of the process. You can lessen that pain by having lots of good […]

Expats, Life and Love for Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, so I thought we’d start today’s post with a little love story. Back in the 1600’s, a young man fell in love with a beautiful young woman he saw in the bazaar. Not an uncommon event, I’m sure. They married a few years later, and lived happily together until she died […]

Best Quality of Life Cities and Countries in 2011

When you’re considering moving to another country, one of the big things you think about (at least I do) is the quality of life you’ll be leaving and what you’ll find in your new home. As 2011 has drawn to a close, let’s take a quick look back at the year’s top picks in various […]

Enjoy a Movable Retirement in Asia

It’s affordable, safe, exciting, exotic, and has terrific health care. Last week I shared with you the top 20 picks for overseas retirement on a budget, according to Live and Invest Overseas. Six of the countries are located in southeast Asia, which is the cheapest region of the world right now. These countries are: China […]