Five Habits Of Successful Expatriates

Guest Post by Claudia Gonelle Ever wondered why some expatriates manage to build a successful life overseas; one that is inspiring, abundant and positive? I have. If the past decade of living and working in Central America, I’ve met dozens of highly successful expatriates. Some have used the opportunity of living overseas to become experts […]

7 Ways Hurricane Irene Taught Me Not To Lose My Head as an Expat

Last week Hurricane Irene roared onto the Outer Banks of North Carolina and made its way up the East Coast of the US. To my surprise, I found myself in the midst of massive evacuation. I was just trying to get from Massachusetts to Florida after delivering my daughter to college, but I got caught […]

Change = Risk + Ambiguity

Any big change involves some risk — but not changing is risky, too! Just ask the company that used to make vinyl records, or the transportation firm that thought those new-fangled horseless carriages were just a fad. Some people have a high risk tolerance. Would you be comfortable packing a few changes of clothes into […]

Expat, Missionary, Saint

March 17 is celebrated throughout the United States and Ireland as St. Patrick’s Day. On St. Paddy’s Day, as it is familiarly known, we wear green, eschew orange and drink gallons of green beer. (Yuck!) We hold parades, dye entire rivers green, and generally behave in a very un-saintly fashion. [ad#Google Adsense-1] St. Patrick: A […]

Are You A Boomer or A Hammock Swinging Adventurer?

Kathleen Peddicord of Live and Invest Overseas revisited Nicaragua recently, and had some interesting comparisons between Nicaragua and Panama. I can’t help but draw comparisons between this place and the place I left early yesterday morning, Panama City. Granada, Nicaragua, from where I write, and Panama City, Panama, couldn’t be more different, and I’ve been […]