digital revolutionMany of you are looking for ways to earn an income no matter where in the world you live. You want a portable career.

In this digital age, a portable career almost always means some form of working online. If you’re working online, you probably have a website.

Your website isn’t the business, though, it’s just the virtual real estate your business occupies. So if you want to succeed with a portable career, you need the website and you also need, well, a business.

Build your Website with WordPress

When it comes to building a website quickly, easily and inexpensively, WordPress is absolutely the best way to go. It lets you create and maintain a great site without knowing a bit of code.

It’s the most popular CMS (content management system) on the interwebs, and for lots of good reasons.

To help you out with that side of your portable career, I periodically write a tutorial for you on using WordPress. (I’m also going to have what I think is a fairly exciting announcement soon relating to just that.)

Once you’ve got your website’s foundation — WordPress — you can dress it up with themes (this site uses Prose from Studio Press) and add to its functionality with plugins.

WordPress and its associated themes and plugins are great tools. Compared to the horse and buggy days of hand-coding HTML to create a website — which is where I started during the 1990s — it lets you get an online business off the ground quickly and cheaply.

But fabulous as WordPress is, it doesn’t help you much with the other side of the equation — actually running your online business.

That’s why I’m happy to recommend something that will.

Build Your Business with These Tools

To build a successful online business, in addition to your website you need:

  • an audience
  • something to sell
  • the ability to convert lookers to buyers

The folks at Copyblogger are giving away some top-quality teaching on these three topics. There’s no charge, but you do need to sign up.

(If you haven’t heard of Copyblogger, you’ve missed one of the biggest internet success stories of recent years.)

Once you enroll, you’ll get three courses:

  1. How to Build a Large Email List with Landing Pages, It’s 66 minutes long
  2. Keyword Research: A Powerful Approach for Creating Websites that Convert, 56 minutes long
  3. How to Effectively Sell Membership Programs and Digital Downloads, 54 minutes

A heavy-hitting expert on each topic joins Copyblogger’s founder, Brian Clark, for each of these seminars.

Take advantage of this offer, and improve your portable, digital business.

Click here to find out how to profit from the digital revolution, and to enroll.

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