Want the Best WordPress Site? 52 Resources for Now and Later

Is a portable career part of your plan for an untethered expat life? If it includes a WordPress blog or website, here are 52 links to help you get started. I’ve tried to arrange them in roughly the order you’ll need them. (And yes, some of them are affiliate links.) Domain Name Registration and Hosting […]

Blogging for Expats: List-Building Basics

Once you’ve created a portable career to support you overseas, you need to start marketing. The best place to do it is online, with a website or blog. When you market online, there are essentially two ways to get your message out. Attract huge amounts of traffic using any/every available means — ads, PPC, social […]

How to Know What Premium WordPress Theme is Right for your Site

This is the 11th in our Blogging for Expats tutorial series. So you’ve got an idea for your blog, you’ve worked your way through the basics of setting it up, maybe you’ve even posted a few articles. But your site still doesn’t look as professional as you’d like. What to do. . . what to […]

Dress Up Your Blog with Pictures

In our last installment of Blogging for Expats, we learned how to add content to a WordPress blog. Today we’ll go ahead and add some eye candy. Keep in mind that some WordPress themes require you to handle images a little differently, but this will work with the majority. It’s very common to see two […]

How to Add Content to your WordPress Blog

Congratulations! Your blog is ready to accept content. If you know how to use MS Word or another word processor, adding articles to your blog will be a snap. There are four ways to add articles, or posts, to your blog: Use WordPress’ internal editor Write your post using Word or another word processing program […]

Blogging for Expats: WordPress Settings to Know and Love

In this installment of Blogging for Expats, the tutorial series to help you develop a portable income from a blog, let’s go back to WordPress itself and finish setting it up. You’ve already accomplished a lot in getting your blog started. You have Found and set up a webhost Reserved your domain name Installed WordPress […]

More Fun with WordPress Plugins

In our last installment of Blogging for Expats, we looked at plugins. Plugins can decorate your blog, and provide additional functionality beyond what your theme offers. Remember, though, just as you should never download free themes from anywhere except WordPress.org, you should never get free plugins from any other source either. I’m going to talk […]

Turn Your Blog Into a Reader Magnet

One way to support your expat, overseas lifestyle is by creating a blog-based business. To help with that, I’ve created a tutorial series on the basics of starting and running a WordPress blog. The series is called Blogging For Expats, and this is the 5th installment in the series. Click the links below to review […]