Get Some (Free) Expert Help to Profit from the Digital Revolution

Many of you are looking for ways to earn an income no matter where in the world you live. You want a portable career. In this digital age, a portable career almost always means some form of working online. If you’re working online, you probably have a website. Your website isn’t the business, though, it’s […]

Three Ways to Learn Your New Country’s Language Before You Arrive

Now that I’ve been here in Panama for a few months, I really wish I’d put more into learning Spanish before I arrived. Oh, I worked on it, don’t get me wrong. I took three semesters of conversational Spanish at my local community college, and I continued on my own using a couple of different […]

2012 International Freelancers Day

Whether you’re a portable careerist overseas or developing a freelance career in your home country, this is good news! Ed Gandia of the International Freelancers Academy has now completed his second annual study of freelancers, and come up with this englightening infographic. And here’s some even better news — the third annual International Freelancers Day […]

Taxis, Busses and Automobiles — Getting Around in Panama

There’s been a fair amount of car talk around our house recently, for two reasons. First, I’m planning a trip back to the US in another month. My primary mission will be to retrieve my car (our daughter’s been using it over the summer) and sell it, so we’ll have some funds. Second, we’ve decided […]

Want the Best WordPress Site? 52 Resources for Now and Later

Is a portable career part of your plan for an untethered expat life? If it includes a WordPress blog or website, here are 52 links to help you get started. I’ve tried to arrange them in roughly the order you’ll need them. (And yes, some of them are affiliate links.) Domain Name Registration and Hosting […]

Get Your Mail Overseas, Avoid Panic Attacks

“OMG!” my husband exclaimed. “Does this mean I’m going to be arrested when I step off the plane in October?” Last week we made one of our occasional forays into Chitre to retrieve our mail. Every couple of weeks I call the US to verbally go through the stack of mail that’s arrived for us. […]

Dancing In the Fountain: An Expat Book Review

Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Life Abroad recounts the adventures of an American couple who moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Seville, Spain. Of all the expat books I’ve read, I have to say this is one of the best, rivaling only Peter Mayle’s tour de force, A Year in Provence. This was my […]

How to Live Like a Local While Visiting

You’ve read everything you could get your hands on about the country you’d like to move to, you’ve checked into their cost of living, investigated what you have to do to become a resident, maybe even taken some language classes. Before you move there, though, you need to visit, preferably for an extended period of […]