Taxis, Busses and Automobiles — Getting Around in Panama

There’s been a fair amount of car talk around our house recently, for two reasons. First, I’m planning a trip back to the US in another month. My primary mission will be to retrieve my car (our daughter’s been using it over the summer) and sell it, so we’ll have some funds. Second, we’ve decided […]

World Class Surf and Mountain Scenery on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula [video]

Last week we took a road trip south from Las Tablas, down through Pedasi and past Playa Venao, along the eastern coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula. I love the mountains, and I also like the ocean. The Azuero gives me both. No matter where you are on the peninsula, you’re within sight of one or […]

A Day at the Beach — Playa Uverito, Panama [video]

When we decided to move to Panama, we liked the idea of being close to both beaches and mountains. Last Saturday we spent the afternoon at Playa Uverito. That’s the beach most folks from Las Tablas use on a regular basis. Only about six miles out of town over a brand-new, top-notch road, it’s easy […]